Workshop Presentations

Printed course presentations will not be provided at the meeting. You may download presentations prior to or after the conference here. Not all presentations are available at this time, additional files will be uploaded as they are received.
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CPC 2016 Presentations

General Session - Emotional Intelligence

Presented by Keynote Speaker: Dr. Martin Armstrong, CPP, MBA, DBA

General Session - Year End Preparation

Presented by Gerald Whittmore, CPP

General Session - Payroll & HR Working Together..Bridging the Gap

with Lois Fried, Julius Soriano & Becky Harshberger

Session 1 - California Payroll

Presented By: Valerie Alexander, CPP

Session 1 - Intro to Canadian Payroll

Presented by Natasha Smyth, CPM and Marcela McCarthy, CPP

Session 1 - Top Employment Tax Updates

Presenter: Patricia Mazini

Session 2 - Mergers & Acquisitions

Presented by Mindy Mayo

Session 2 - Wage & Hours Issues

Wage and Hour 2016 Update: Avoiding Payroll Headaches. Presented by Paul Lynd

Session 2 - New from EDD

Presented from Lynne Hamp and Alicia Stansbury

Session 3 - Payroll Reconciliations

Presented by: Gerald Whittmore, CPP

Session 3 - Global Equity

Presented by Crystal Gronau & Marlene Zobayan

Session 4 - The One Person Payroll Department

Presented by Michelle Clawson, CPP

Session 4 - Project Management 101

Presented by Sherry Hicks

Session 4 - Understanding Stock Admin related to Payroll

Presented by Sue Bentley, CPP; Christine Zwerling, CEP and Gustavo Dalahese, CEP

Session 4 - Data Privacy

Presented by Melissa Harkom

Session 5 - CPP and FPC Exams

Presented by Mary Brumm, CPP

Session 2 - Audit Pitfalls

Presented by Jason E. Russell