Workshop Presentations

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CPC 2018 workshop Descriptions

Wednesday General Session - Amended Return & W-2C

From the simple to the complex amended returns can strike fear in the heart of even the most seasoned payroll professional. We’ll share best practices, tips and tricks and have you feeling confident the next time you amend Form

Friday General Session - Impact of Payroll Reforms for Payroll Professionals

The federal, state and local tax implications of the largest tax reform since 1986, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) created challenges for employers in 2018. We’ll review the changes made in 2018 an

Session 1 - Employment Laws - What's In, What's Out

Please join Jim Hart from Littler Mendelson for a lively look at new developments in employment and labor law, particularly as these topics relate to payroll issues.  Jim will share his insight collected from Littler’s over 1,000 employment attorneys on r

Session 1 - HCM/Payroll Project Management

Our focus during this session is to discuss and visualize the business journey from vendor selection to the final deployment fulfilling process improvements and efficiencies gained. How does the project management role help facilitate and support your bu

Session 1 - Best Practices for Reporting Unclaimed Property to CA & CA Multi-State Audit Enforcement

Provide an overview of the unclaimed property state laws, priority rules, and compliance best practices as they relate specifically to CA as well as multiple jurisdictions. Discuss the current landscape of unclaimed property enforcement / audits with var

Session 2 - Preparing for the FPC/CPP Exams

Take your career to the next level with Payroll Certification – come hear some of the best ways to prepare to sit for the Certified Payroll Professional and the Fundamental Payroll Certifications.  From study groups to online tools –

Session 3 - Mergers & Acquisitions: Due Diligence & How Payroll Can Add Value

Mergers & Acquisitions: Due Diligence & How Payroll Can Add Value: Join us as we discuss mergers, acquisitions, restructurings, and the due diligence process and how you can go from being a cost center to adding value during any structure altering event.

Session 3 - Work/Life Balance-Is there Such A Thing?

Despite the worldwide quest for work-life balance, very few have found an acceptable definition of the concept. Let's have a frank discussion about balance from the perspective of all generations currently in the workplace, what balance looks like in toda

Session 3 - Top 10 Ways to Avoid Wage & Hour Trouble

Misclassifications, exemptions, independent contractors, gig workers, and telecommuting are issues facing employers.  California's unique laws coupled with recent state and federal court rulings confusing, frustrating, and fraught with opportunities for m

Session 4 - W-2 Reconciliation

This session will provide examples of how to balance W2’s wages and taxes. You will also learn how to gather the test samples and how to manually balance your W2 data for accuracy.

Session 4 - Challenges for Opening Global Operations

Expanding into global markets creates several complexities for payroll operations. Organizations are challenged with navigating employment and taxation regulations, company registrations, moving currency to ensure timely payments to employees and agencies

Session 5 - Payroll Reconciliation

This session will provide examples of how to balance gross-to-net, deductions, and taxes. You will also learn how to ensure all tax filing reports reconcile to ensure your remain compliant and learn how to prevent errors.

Session 5 - The Future of Payroll Leaders

As payroll professionals, we are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiencies, by bringing together powerful technology and the people who need it. Future payroll leaders will be looking for payroll systems that deliver good service for their emplo

Session 5 - US Mobility/Reciprocity/Relocation

US Mobility / Reciprocity / Relocation: Join us in this interactive session as we discuss the multitude of issues that surrounds your mobile workforce: How do you determine where they work? Where are they subject to state income tax withholding? What